beautiful girl

S. Legg

beautiful girl

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This performance art piece is an intense live performance encompassing objectification, vulnerability, voyeurism, and desire.

Join Greater Than Being & Conceptual Artist S.Legg for a very intimate, performance art event THIS Thursday evening at Onward. This conceptual performance piece breaks all boundaries within the narrative of human objectification, pummeling the viewer with voyeuristic imaging until overly saturated into complacency. You are invited to participate in this very important work.

Guests will enter through the alley entrance at Onward where there is a very large outdoor gathering space. Please arrive between 8 -8:45pm. Guests will be invited inside at 9pm for the 3 minute art piece. Feel free to stay after the event and socialize responsibly while viewing the current exhibition, human.

There will be two performances on July 16, 9 & 9:30pm with a very limited number of participants.

Entirety of proceeds for this event will go to the artist and assistant.

Please be aware that the performance involves nudity.

This is a 21+ event. There will be no photography allowed during the performance.

PLEASE PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING TO AND FROM THE VENUE AND WEAR A MASK. Masks are not provided at the venue so please be equipped. This gathering is very limited to number of attendees. There will only be 20 at each performance.